Northern Stars Attachment

Advanced Parenting for Challenging Children


Would you like to STOP THE CHAOS?  Are you dealing with angry kids?  Do you want PARENTING POWER TOOLS to bring LOVE and LAUGHTER back into your life?!  Tired of being blamed, judged, criticized?  They CAN go from DEFIANCE to COMPLIANCE!  Advanced Parenting for Challenging Children offers parents tools to help children and their families have fun, bond and grow.  Courses and consultations are presented by Certified Instructors that have invested time and energy to learn the best parenting program available so that they can share it with you.  Each instructor is hand selected and trained by Nancy Thomas, who chose these instructors by special invitation to be sure that they have a special heart for families.  They are committed to making a difference!


We are currently looking for a locaton at which to hold our next Advanced Parenting course.


If you are interested in hosting a course please contact Dan Croskrey via email at dan at NorthernStarsAttachment dot org.

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